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Troubleshooting iCloud syncing issues

sync-icloud-logoWhenever you are having syncing issues with iCloud from any device you are using, you can narrow down the cause of the issue with very simple steps.

Determine which device is not syncing

1. Login at using your iCloud username and password. Once you are logged in you will be able to see the mail, contacts, calendar events, or anything else being synched through iCloud.

2. Compare your data
• Option 1: If the current online data does not match the data in one of the devices, this usually means that the device is the cause of why your data is not being synced on the cloud.
• Option 2: Add a test contact or calendar event to make sure it appears on each device.
– If the test contact or calendar event you created appears on the iCloud website but not on one of the devices, then the device that does not display the test has the problem.
– If your test does not even appear on the website, then the device that created the test has the problem.

Determine why it is not syncing

1. Make sure you are signed in with the same iCloud username on each device and the website. If the information is different, go ahead and fix it.

The way to view and edit your login information for iCloud is done differently depending on which device you are using:
• Mac computer: click the black apple on the top left corner, click on System Preferences, click on iCloud, you will see the email address that is serving as your Account.
• iPhone or iPad: Go to your Settings, select iCloud and you will see the email address that is serving as your Account.
• Windows computer: if you have the iCloud control panel installed, open it and you will see the email address that is serving as your Account.
• On an Android phone or tablet: Go to your Settings in the Accounts section to see the email address that is serving as your Account.

2. If the logins are the same, but the data is not syncing: sign out of the account then sign back in; this can be done on any Mac or Windows computer, however if you are using a phone or tablet, you will actually have to delete the account then add it. If you are signing out on a Mac computer or deleting the account on an iPhone/iPad, it is very important to answer the question correctly when you are prompted to delete your contacts/calendar events. Yes, delete them from your device since they are already stored in the cloud; otherwise you will duplicate all of your contacts and calendar events the moment you sign back in.

If you followed all these steps and you are still having issues syncing, contact Tech Helpline for further assistance.

Contributions to this article were made by Richard Gordon, Tech Helpline Technical Analyst.

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