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Meet Tricia Stamper, Director of Technology

Because we want our clients to know the people in Tech Helpline with whom they partner to bring this valuable benefit, we will feature a member of our team quarterly. We hope you enjoy today’s featured employee: Tricia Stamper.


Tricia Stamper



Tricia is the Director of Technology and has been part of the Tech Helpline leadership team for 10 years. In her role, Tricia oversees the promotion of the brand, which recently included the new website and updated logo.  Here are some questions Tricia answered for us:


–  The best part of my job is:   Working with Realtors! I am currently in the process of selling my home and buying a home, and I am reminded, especially right now, how hard-working these men and women are, and how it takes a lot of commitment to do what they do. I am so proud to be part of a team that provides these real estate professionals with technology tools and services created specifically for them.


–  What is your proudest moment at Tech Helpline? My proudest moment is when I attend an event and meet a member, in person, who has used Tech Helpline. They are always very grateful for having the service available to them. I love hearing their stories about Tech Helpline helping them.


 –  Hobbies and favorite things to do outside of work: Spending time with my husband, Tom, and my two daughters Abby (11) and Emmy (8).


– What is your favorite movie and why:  I love all of the National Lampoon Vacation movies, they are timeless!


What music is on your iPhone/Android phone? True to my Generation X roots: Cranberries, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters.


Tech Helpline is the premier tech support service for real estate professionals. Once an organization partners with Tech Helpline, their members or agents may call Tech Helpline’s expert analysts to troubleshoot issues with computers, mobile devices, printers, scanners, emails, web browsers and more. Support is available via private-labeled, toll-free numbers, email and online chat.


Tech Helpline provides unlimited, technology support to more than 600,000 members of MLSs and REALTOR® associations throughout North America. Select brokerages have also chosen Tech Helpline to provide tech support to their agents.