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3 Cool Apps to Help Real Estate Professionals Reach Their Fitness Goals in 2017

Is improving your health and fitness a New Year’s resolution for you? For many real estate professionals, daily life is hectic, and finding time to focus on personal wellness is often challenging.  However, by putting your health first, you will find personal satisfaction that will not only benefit your well-being, but also with business successes. Here are three apps that can help busy professionals get started to improving their health in 2017:


MyFitness Pal (Free/Premium at a fee)
MyFitness Pal is a great way to keep track of your calorie intake, although you can do more than that with the app. With MyFitness Pal, you have the capability of creating a food journal using a database that provides nutritional facts (calories, fat, carbs) about a huge selection of common grocery store items, your favorite restaurant dishes and more. The app also has other features, such as being able to track that hard work you put in the treadmill, access to a wellness blog, and participation in their online community. Selected smart watches and fitness watches can communicate with the app and add logged workouts, but it is the food journal capability that makes this app stand out.


Strava (Free, Premium at a fee)
Love to run or cycle? Strava is a great option since it allows you to track and analyze your runs/rides data, as well as compete and socialize with other Strava users online. Strava has the capability to record and track your routes when you use a compatible GPS device. It can also provide you the average speed for the exercise. Want to see how you are doing in comparison with others? Strava will show you where you rank on the specific trail and with other Strava users. The Premium subscription offers: Advanced Analysis, Personalized Coaching and more. This app is particularly loved by cyclists who thrive on competition as a motivating factor.


FitStar (Free, Premium at a fee)
Fitstar is a personal training app. Enter basic information about yourself and your fitness level, and Fitstar gives you access to workouts based on your self-assessed fitness level. The workouts not only give you the duration for each exercise, they also show you how the exercise is best performed by way of videos. During these videos, the trainers give tips on how to do each exercise properly. At the end of the workout, you answer a brief questionnaire, which helps Fitstar determine if the workout your just completed is the best level for you or if they should recommend a different one. The app provides you daily recommendations for your workout regimen, adjusted to your progress. Additionally, it provides a premium service, which unlocks more workouts in contrast to other premium services, which only remove banner adds. What makes this app great is that you can take your workout to whatever location you choose, the beach, the park, your backyard, etc. It is like having a personal trainer on location with you.

These are only three of the many apps available to help you improve your fitness. To find other apps, simply type “fitness apps” in the app store, and you will get a list of many more options.

And remember, these apps can be a helpful ‘extra’ and should not be considered the foundation or ‘be-all’ of your fitness regimen. Please, talk to your doctor before starting your exercise program and understand what you are undertaking. The human body is beautifully complex, and it takes more than an app to keep it functioning at peak performance.