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Tech Helpline Can Help You Get More than Your Computer Fixed

One of the most popular benefits associations, MLSs and brokerages offer is Tech Helpline. Tech Helpline’s U.S.-based analysts have helped agents and brokers recover documents from hard drives that crashed, fixed printers that wouldn’t print, sped up computers that were performing like sloths, and helped them find files that disappeared.


And did you know that you can also seek them out for more than just emergency tech support? That’s right, one of the untapped treasures of your Tech Helpline support is that their expert analysts can do more for you than help you fix your broken computer!


Help with your mobile world


Everything you used to do on your desktop, you now do on your laptop. And so many things you do on your laptop, you’d like to do on your smartphone, right? You need to call Tech Helpline.


Making your mobile world more productive is great. Analysts at Tech Helpline have a lot of experience helping agents like you get set up. When you get a new smartphone, if the transition from your old phone to the new one doesn’t go as planned, call Tech Helpline.


Do you have more than one email account on your smartphone? Are they all located in different mail programs or apps? Would you like to be able to send and receive them all from one program or app? Call Tech Helpline.


Are your calendars syncing between your different devices correctly, or is there an annoying gap when you try to look at an appointment you just entered in your laptop but it doesn’t appear on your smartphone calendar? Call Tech Helpline.


Have you tried to get a screenshot of something on your phone, but keep forgetting what buttons to hit? And is there a way to crop out some of what you captured? How do you do that on your smartphone? Call Tech Helpline, and someone can walk you through all the steps.


Would like to know how to connect your computer to your smartphone so you can use it as a “hotspot” and make that your emergency Wi-Fi connection when you need it? You need to call Tech Helpline.


Picture perfect assistance


Photos and videos have never been more valuable to your day-to-day business, making your smartphone an indispensable business tool. It’s no longer solely for calls, texts, emails and surfing the web. The newest phones have put a professional camera in agents’ hands, and that means everyone needs to learn how to use them.


You’ll have questions – like where is that cool new “Portrait” mode, and what’s the best way to use it? Where are the slow motion and time-lapse video settings that you keep seeing used in your competitors’ listing videos? Give Tech Helpline a call and ask how you can force your phone to “flash.” Ask how you can change the lighting on a subject when he or she looks too dark without using a flash.


Does your new smartphone take “live” pictures? Where is that setting, and how do you turn it on and off? What about deleting all those photos off your phone and storing them somewhere else? How do you save them to the cloud? How can you organize them? Can you also back them up on your computer, or to a flash drive? A quick call to Tech Helpline can answer all these questions – and more.


Photo settings and video setting require specific phones, and a Tech Helpline Analyst can identify those that have the capabilities described. They can also give you advice if you are looking to change your smartphone to one that has the features you want.


Increase your productivity


Did you know Tech Helpline has analysts who can give some guidance in Excel? If you need to get rid of duplicate contacts in an Excel spreadsheet, call them. It’s a quick command in Excel. One call to Tech Helpline and you can learn how to automatically identify duplicate contacts and remove them. You’ll yourself a lot of time. You’ll also avoid sending two mailings to the same customer!


Have you ever set up two or more monitors with your laptop? That’s all the rage today because great high-definition monitors are cheaper than ever – and they can make you more productive. Set up multiple monitors just the way you want, very quickly: just call Tech Helpline.


You don’t need to ask your teenager or go to Facebook groups to get tech answers you need. Just call Tech Helpline whenever you have a technology question. They are there to help you! When your association/MLS/brokerage provides it, there is no cost to you. It’s all included in your membership. That’s the best part!