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Protecting and Caring for Your New Laptop or Tablet

August is the best time of year to purchase a new laptop or tablet due to back-to-school sales in stores as well as on computer manufacturers’ websites. As a business professional, you’ll want to take care of your new technology investments by keeping them clean and stored safely as you travel. The Tech Helpline has researched the best options to extend the life of your new device as well as how to keep it clean without damaging the bezel or screen.

Storage and travel:
The first thing worth purchasing is a bag or case for your laptop or tablet. It's important to look into the options on the website from which you are purchasing your device, or from the store you are in, so you can be sure the case or bag and the device fit each other. You may want a bag as well as a case to store extra batteries and a mouse or power cable. It's also not a bad idea to purchase an extra battery for extended use on the road, but be absolutely sure the battery you purchase is directly from the manufacturer to avoid future issues that may occur with a cheaper, generic model.

Cleaning tips:
The best item you can buy to store in your carry bag is a good quality micro fiber cloth. This will help you wipe finger smudges as well as light dirt from a screen or the bezel of your unit without scratching or needing liquids. For the bezel you may also consider u

sing rubbing alcohol and a paper towel for tougher soiling. Follow this with the microfiber to remove the residue from the paper towel to have the bezel looking brand new. Be sure the device is completely off and unplugged before using any liquids to clean its screen or bezel.

Safety and extended life:
With laptops you want to avoid soft surfaces like a bed or pillow, as it may block the vents causing it to overheat and lowering the life of the unit over time. Avoid drinks or liquids near your laptop or tablet; spilling these on your device could damage it to the point of being unable to use it, or void its warranty. You also want to avoid shocks or rapid motions when holding a laptop as the spinning hard drive inside could become damaged. Be sure the laptop is completely off before putting it in your case or bag; the movement can damage the spinning hard drive, which may lower its life expectancy, or cause the hard drive to fail or lose data. Additionally, if it’s not completely off, it will continue to generate heat if it's just in sleep mode. Finally, it’s best to avoid leaving a tablet or laptop in a hot car, especially during these summer months.

Contributions to this article were made by Allen Williams, Tech Helpline Technical Analyst.

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