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Meet Melissa Becker, Marketing and Client Services

Because we want our clients to know the people in Tech Helpline with whom they partner to bring this valuable benefit, we will feature a member of our team quarterly. We hope you enjoy today’s featured employee: Melissa Becker.


Melissa is the one email address our AEs, MLS executives and Brokers can use to send us all their Tech Helpline concerns or reasons to celebrate. When we receive your message at that email address, it gets forwarded to the team member who can assist you best. Some times, the right person for the job is Melissa Becker.


Melissa joined us in October of 2015, and she quickly became responsible for many of our behind-the-scenes tasks. She works closely with the rest of our staff to ensure our clients and members receive excellent service. Melissa is not only efficient and diligent, she also cares very deeply about making sure our clients are happy and have the tools they need to promote Tech Helpline to their members/agents.


Here are some questions Melissa answered for us:


How I can help you, our client: 
I can help you if you need your marketing material to be updated, if you’d like us to attend your trade show, if you have any questions about what information we need on your roster, or if you have questions about the roster number reflected in your invoice.


The best part of my job is:

The people I work with. We have a great team in our office, and I always like to hear from our clients to hear how they are doing as well.


Hobbies and favorite things to do outside of work: 

I enjoy gardening, swimming, going to the beach and spending time with my family and friends.


What inspires me is…..
When I hear stories of people showing true kindness and compassion to one another, animals and nature.


Tech Helpline is the real estate industry’s number one technology support service. Today, nearly half of the REALTORS® in U.S. and Canada – more than 600,000 real estate professionals – have access to Tech Helpline, a service created and owned by Florida Realtors. Melissa is one of the members of our staff who supports you when providing Tech Helpline to your members/agents.


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