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Meet Javian Melendez, Tech Helpline Manager

Because we want our clients to know the people in Tech Helpline with whom they partner to bring this valuable benefit, we will feature a member of our team quarterly. We hope you enjoy today’s featured employee: Javian Melendez.



Javian joined Tech Helpline in September 2006 as a tech, and over the course of the years, through hard work, education and dedication, he is now the Tech Helpline Manager.


Here are some questions Javian answered for us:


The best part of my job is:   The best part is managing and molding a team that genuinely loves to help others and takes pride in their work.


How do you define success in your role? Delivering a high level of service provided by our team and seeing the positive effect the service has on our members is the best success anyone can ask for.


Hobbies and favorite things to do outside of work: Spending time with my son, exploring new places and trying new places to eat.


What is on your bucket list? To visit as many countries as I possibly can. The first place I’d visit would be Jerusalem due to the historic richness, and then after that, any place in Europe. Of course, I would also need to visit a conservation park of Elephants in Africa, because I really love Elephants!


What inspires me is….. Having experienced an absent father, what inspires me is to always be there for my son.


Providing technical advice while maintaining a friendly disposition is where Tech Helpline excels. Because Tech Helpline is agent-centric, we also speak real estate. That’s why Tech Helpline provides a broad variety of technical support services, ranging from email setup and Wi-Fi access challenges to helping solve software and hardware issues, such as recovering lost files, computer and smartphone crashes and a lot more.


Tech Helpline has become one of the most popular benefits offered by MLSs and Associations to subscribers and members. That’s precisely why Tech Helpline is dubbed “the Genius Bar for real estate.”