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Why You Shouldn’t Fear Calling Tech Support – Especially this Holiday Season!

It’s not uncommon for many real estate brokers and agents to suffer from tech fatigue. After all, how many apps do you have on your cell phone? How many programs are on your laptop that you rarely – if ever – use?


The onslaught of technology can be, well, exhausting. Especially during the holidays when new technology gifts are abundant.


Adding to tech fatigue are the promises new technology that is “easy to use” and will save you time, make you more money – or both!


The truth is, for many real estate agents, a lot of technology isn’t easy to use. And when something goes amiss, the faith agents may initially have in their technology quickly erodes.


When technology fails you

What do you do, as an agent, when something goes wrong with the technology you now depend on to do your job? As one of 600,000 real estate agents and brokers who have access to Tech Helpline, assistance is just a call or click away.


You are supported by North America’s No. 1 tech support service for real estate. Tech Helpline is ready to help you solve your tech challenges.


However, some agents and brokers hesitate or are even fearful of contacting any tech support service. Why? For several different reasons, many are easy to understand in an age where excellent customer service seems hard to find.


Tech support phobia?

Customer service research finds that people are reluctant to contact a company for three core reasons:


  1.      1. They believe that the company will not help them find a solution to their problem
  2.      2. They feel that it’s too much trouble to go through
  3.      3. They worry that the company will not care


People also fear technology. According to the most recent Survey of American Fears by Chapman University, more people are fearful of “technology they don’t understand” than people who are afraid of flying or needles.


Tech Helpline’s team of friendly tech analysts are trying to address these concerns. Because we work with real estate professionals like you every day, Tech Helpline analysts have a personal understanding of the most common tech challenges agents and brokers face. It’s why Tech Helpline has earned a reputation for providing exceptional service: we care. The goal at Tech Helpline is to remove the obstacles that prevent agents from calling in the first place.


Customer service research is on our side. Tech Helpline strives to provide agents an exceptional experience because of the consequences:


  •      – 13% of customers tell 15 people or more if they have a negative experience
  •      – 67% of customers report a bad customer experience as the reason for switching businesses
  •      – Only 1 in 26 customers will tell a business about their negative experience; the rest simply leave according to customer service facts


The good news is that 72% of customers will tell six people or more if they have a satisfying experience. That’s precisely why Tech Helpline has been called  “the Genius Bar for real estate.”


There are no dumb questions

Providing technical advice while maintaining a friendly disposition is where Tech Helpline excels. With a staff possessing over 300 years of combined IT experience, we work hard to make sure that when you reach out to us, you never feel dumb. By offering technical support services in both English and Spanish, we make it even more comfortable for agents like you to ask for help.


Because Tech Helpline is agent-centric, we also speak real estate. That’s why Tech Helpline provides a broad variety of technical support services, ranging from email setup and Wi-Fi access challenges to helping solve software and hardware issues, such as recovering lost files, computer and smartphone crashes and a lot more.


And the holiday season is a great time to call Tech Helpline for help setting up and optimizing all your new technology, from smartphones to laptops to any other new tech tool.


The bottom line is that Tech Helpline is the only tech support service created by Realtors® for Realtors®, a key differentiator from all other tech support service options. Tech Helpline has become one of the most popular benefits offered by MLSs and Associations to subscribers and members. It’s the one place that agents and brokers should not be afraid to turn to for a great tech support experience. This holiday season, give us a call!


What Realtors like you are saying about the service:

– “So happy that this service is available!! It’s a life saver!” Ann  Wargo

– “Every time I call, it doesn’t matter who I speak to, I get all of my answers, and they are so helpful, nice and knowledgeable!!!! We are very lucky to be able to have this service.” Lisa Wilson

– “I love this benefit we have. It makes my job much easier.” Rebecca Barber

– “I call often and always have a great experience!” Lauren Connolly

– “No other tech team will ever touch or take possession of my computer for help or repair.  I fully trust these wonderful, knowledgeable and courteous people!” Nancy Ross