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Health, Technology, and You

Health Fitness and You PictureTechnology has advanced in a way that affects us both positively and negatively. Luckily, for most negative things there are positive things you can do to counteract them. The first thing you want to know when it comes to health is where your health level currently stands. Diet, exposure to certain pieces of technology and posture all contribute to our overall well-being and health.

Fit Bit, Samsung, Jawbone, Apple, and several other companies have come up with wristbands and applications that will help you track stress levels, heart rates, and even sleep patterns. Along with these tools you can track enough information to realize how active and healthy your body really is. With these products come highly interactive apps designed to help you interpret the data. Samsung phones typically come with a pre-installed app called S Health. This app is a helpful tool that helps to keep track of calorie intake and physical activity, with a built in pedometer and food tracker with a large selection.

The negative effects of certain lights can ruin eyesight. Blue lights maleficent effects on your eyes are now minimized with monitors, glasses, software etc. Examples of these would be IPS monitors which always keep consistent colors to reduce eye strain.  Gunnar is an eyewear brand that filters out bad colors, as well as helps to produce a clearer image without requiring excess focus and flux software which filter the colors via software rather than having a physical way of changing the colors.

One of the highest causes of long-term health damage is bad posture. Today thanks to multiple providers there are now sit-stand desks that allow you to adjust your monitor and keyboard positions at all times. This allows you to stand up and work while your blood flows with little to no effort and while you remain in an upright position, helping to maintain a safe and prosperous stance.

Contributions to this article were made by Harry Albert, Tech Helpline analyst.