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Don’t lose that file!

Planning and implementing a backup solution for a home or business computer is, and should remain, a top priority.  Using backups on a regular basis is a part of responsible computer ownership.  Creating redundant copies of your data is the first thing to consider when working with any sensitive data you wish to keep for a long period of time. You should be allocating a service or drive with the storage space equal, double or three times the amount of your data’s size.  There are literally dozens of options from you to choose from, so I have researched and reviewed some software and hardware options for your consideration.


Online Backup Solutions

Those who have access to a Broadband connection (either DSL or Cable) should consider an Online Backup Solution. These systems usually work automatically and require just an initial setup.  Your information is backed up ‘on the cloud’, so you can restore data from any location that has an internet connection (including a new computer). These programs are relatively easy to use, don’t require any hardware, and your data is secured off-site on multiple robust servers.


Carbonite – Carbonite is one of the first popular online backup solutions, and it maintains the most users of the three most popular services. Carbonite is relatively easy to set up and requires minimal software installation and configuration.  Download and install the software; then let it know what data you want to save (everything, data, music, etc.). Set up a time to do your ‘initial backup’, and you’re done.  Carbonite will automatically scan and update your backup automatically as you save and remove new files.


Acronis – Acronis is unique because it offers several different software options for you to purchase.  Acronis offers a software choice called ‘True Image 2013,’ which will take a full snapshot of your computer including data, installed programs and windows settings.  Acronis has a slightly higher learning curve, but it will give you a full complete image of your computer (or incremental backups on any schedule you decide). Because of the robust configuration options available, you will have an icon on your windows tray to help access the settings page for any additional changes. Acronis is Windows XP compatible and supports Windows computers up to and including Windows 8.


Offline Backup Solutions

Western Digital / Seagate / Iomega External Hard Drives

I lumped these three products together because they configure and deploy in a similar manner. These drives are pretty much the same deal, so the only difference here is brand and availability.  You purchase a hard-drive of your choice and plug it into your computer via USB cable.  After plugging in your hard-drive, you install the software and configure what and when you want to backup.  Leave the device plugged into your computer, and it takes care of itself.


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