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8 Cool, Affordable, Tech Gifts

Each year, we try to find affordable, cool, tech tools and gear of the season that real estate agents and brokers would either like to give (great closing gifts) or even receive! Here’s our Holiday Gift Guide of tech gifts that are cool, affordable and highly practical.


Amazon Echo Dot: When you buy an Echo Dot (2nd or 3rd Generation), you get an Alexa, the game-changer for voice-activated smart assistance. Alexa can wake you up in the morning to your favorite song or a celebrity voice, then turn on your lights, activate your smart coffee maker, review your appointment calendar for the day, give you the day’s weather report, and play the news from your favorite source before you even roll out of bed! Because Artificial Intelligence and machine learning power Alexa, she keeps getting smarter. Alexa just might become your first virtual best friend.

US: Price: $39.99

Canada:  Price: CDN$ 54.99


Key Finder (and Phone Finder): Do you ever misplace your keys and wish there was a LoJack for that? Now there is with Tile Mate Key Finder (and a host of other similar products). Use your smartphone and the accompanying app to use this best-selling Bluetooth tracker. It has a loop to attach to your keychain – or anything you don’t want to lose – to help you find it fast. Like Apple’s Find a Phone feature, tap a button on the app, and the Tile Mate rings when you are nearby. Better yet, did you misplace your phone? Hit the button on your Tile Mate twice, and your smartphone will emit a tone! Just don’t lose them both at the same time.

US Price: $18.78

Canada: Price: $24.99


Cable Management Sleeves (w/zipper): Does your nightstand look like a spiders’ web of wires with all the multiple charging cables you have for your different devices? This four-pack of 19-20” wire sleeves helps you get organized and keeps the cables tidy and from slipping behind your nightstand. Their clever zipper feature makes them super easy to use. The material is a

form-fitting neoprene that stretches to allow each sleeve to hold about 8-10 small wires. They are great to use behind your computer monitor or flat-screen TV too. Who doesn’t need this gift?

US: Price: $10.97, a pack of 4, white or black

Canada: Price: CDN$ 19.99


Small Tech Travel Bag: Speaking of getting organized, wouldn’t it be great to have a small (9.4″L x 6.7″W) zip up case to put all your charging cables, earphones, thumb drives, adapters, SD cards, and a couple of extra batteries? Replace that old shaving kit bag you’re using with this nifty smart bag.

US: Price: $19.99

Canada: Price $27.58



Tactical Self-Defense Pen-Flashlight-Window Breaker-Multi-Tool: This handy little device fits in your purse or pocket, but can become a lifesaver. A Kubotan-styled pen that can be used for self-defense, it also has a built-in super bright LED flashlight and can break a car window in case of submersion in water. Best of all: it writes great too.

US: Price: $24.97

Canada: Price: CDN$ 15.99



Affordable Bluetooth Earphones: Apple Airpods will probably be the hottest Bluetooth product of the holiday season, but at $160 a pair, they are a top-shelf purchase. Fortunately, there are other options, such as the SoundPEATS Bluetooth new Wireless 4.1 Magnetic in-Ear IPX6 Sweatproof Headphones with a mic. They work with Apple, Android and Window devices, and after an hour or two of charging, you’ll get up to 8 hours of wireless use.

US: Price: $23.45

Canada: Price $42.99


Reusable Notebooks that store your notes in the Cloud: This may sound like Science Fiction, but it’s not. The Rocketbook notebook combines the comfort of using traditional pen and paper to take notes in a notebook, but allows you to instantly blasting your notes into the cloud using a smartphone app. Reuse your notebook again and again. One pen is included.

US: Price: $29.97

Canada: Price CDN$ 46.00


Car Mount for Smartphone: Unless you have the latest GPS technology, your smartphone is likely to have better options, including WAZE to Google Maps, to get you around traffic snarls. A dependable and flexible car mount that doesn’t pop off your windshield when the sun heats up is a tough order, but there are some new options. Magnet mounts that attach to your air vents work great, but if you have a phone with wireless charging features, it renders it useless with the metal plate you have to attach. One alternative is the popular Vansky 3-in-1 adapter that makes your favorite tech tool even more useful for your daily life on the road. It can mount to your windshield, an air vent or even your dash.

US:  Price: $9.99

Canada: Price $28.99



Here’s an idea: why not buy two of each of these? One to give and one to keep and make it a happy holiday for everyone!


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