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7 more ways Tech Helpline can help you

Some 600,000 Realtors in North America can get instant help when their computer gets infected by a virus or crashes, when their smartphones won’t connect to Wi-Fi, or it gets wet, or they want to know how to stop their Alexa device from listening in on their conversations.


Tech Helpline is a benefit agent and brokers receive from their MLS, Association or Brokerage, and getting help is only a call or a click away. Tech Helpline, created, owned and operated by the Florida Realtors, has earned a reputation as being “Real Estate’s Genius Bar.”  Real estate’s number one tech support service is a place for agents and brokers to solve their tech challenges comfortably.


We’ve written a couple of articles about some of the more interesting technical issues that Tech Helpline can help resolve, including “10 things you can call Tech Helpline about that you didn’t know you could,” and “Tech Helpline can help you get more than your computer fixed.”


With new technology, like Alexa and Google Home becoming key resources for agents and brokers, Tech Helpline offers even more ways to help real estate professional adapt to these new technologies, as well as avoid struggling using established ones.


Here’s a list of 7 more things you contact Tech Helpline for help:


  1. Buying the latest Smart Home devices: Smart home technology is becoming easier to use and a lot less expensive. But which voice-activated assistant is right for you as an agent or broker? What other devices should you buy if you want to make your home smart, and get smarter about this technology by using it yourself? What are the pros and cons of these new devices and how challenging is self-installation? Tech Helpline can help you choose what’s right for you.


  1. Buying a new computer: Do you need a Mac or a PC? Laptop or one of the latest tablets? What are the best brands? There’s a massive maze of options to navigate when upgrading your most important hardware. Tech Helpline analysts can help you successfully navigate through all your choices and share their best buying tips.


  1. Transferring images: If you are struggling to quickly move your photos from your phone to your laptop, or from your laptop to your phone, Tech Helpline is there for you. You’ll discover there are several different options to accomplish this quickly and easily.


  1. Casting to your TV: Do you know how to show that video on your smartphone on your big screen TV? Welcome to the world of casting and a Tech Helpline analyst can walk you through the best options available and you will learn how to cast in no time flat!


  1. Craigslist do’s and don’ts: Setting up an account on Craigslist is pretty straightforward. But what are the rules about what you can and cannot do related to a real estate post on Craigslist? Because if you don’t know the rules, your post will be removed. Tech Helpline can help you out.


  1. Your digital music library: Do you have challenges with your tunes? Are they available on all your devices? Are you trying to print out a list of the songs you own? Whatever your digital music library challenge is, you can get help from a Tech Helpline analyst.


  1. Social media troubleshooting: How do you share a link that will take your customers precisely to the post on Facebook you want to see? What are the rules around tagging and where will you find the most popular tags to use? Using social media channels are a great way to boost your business, but the more you know, the better you’ll be able to leverage social media for your business. Tech Helpline can help answer your social media questions.


The great thing about having Tech Helpline available is they stay up-to-date with the latest technology agents and brokers most use. If you are not sure you have free access to Tech Helpline, ask your brokerage, association or MLS if they provide it as a member service. If not, tell them you want the tech support that Tech Helpline offers!


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